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A Puzzle Game to Remember.

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A Fun Picture Puzzle Game for Everyone.

50 hand drawn pictures by our artist who loves cute animals.

The game begins with her pictures hidden. Explore and collect her pictures by completing a 3 by 3 puzzle for each picture to unlock them.

You may collect stars along the way through challenging yourself to different difficulties with 3x3 giving you one star, 4x4 two stars, 5x5 three stars, and 6x6 the golden star.

From the Desk of the Developer:

Unlock and Collect all 50 Picture Puzzles.

Each puzzle picture comes with:
Four different difficulties: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6.
Two style options: Sketch and Colour.

The game begins with all pictures hidden.
To unlock all option of the game without having seen the picture solve a 3x3 puzzle for each picture.

Simple gameplay with adorable pictures.

This game was made with kids and relaxation for adults in mind. Little did we know solving puzzle helps enhance and retain our cognitive ability and is an excellent brain teaser to test or train cognitive skill.

Adults will find this game relaxing while kids would find this to be mentally stimulating.


A Puzzle Game to Remember.

Pictures of Little Memories.

A Puzzle Game to Remember.

From the Developer’s Diary:

The game has been through many precious hours of which we could have placed elsewhere and have gone. We have nearly come to echo the words that “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” by Leonardo Da Vinci but we have done our best and been satisfied with our work to deliver the essence we imagined in our heart as imperfectly as it may but to the best of our ability.